A world's first at Dr. Hahn

Hahn Türband 4 Inductio®:

To present a global innovation, Dr. Hahn will attend the 2016 iteration of the fensterbau/frontale trade fair in Nuremberg. Never before has a door hinge attained VdS approval Class C, Degree 3 as an element for conducting energy and signals. With the Hahn Türband 4 Inductio® we managed to provide a path for the bidirectional transmission of signals and necessary energy to consumers, e.g. motorised locks or LED lighting. And that system-independent.


As of January 2016, the product is ready to go into production and is available for ordering. Architects, installers, door makers and specialist shops will gain detailed insight into this form of the wireless transition in Nuremberg.



Already used successfully in a number of buildings – Hahn Türband 4 Inductio®


Product for improved protection against break-ins

The Europe-wide highest demands placed on door hinges to prevent break-ins come from the Netherlands. The Dutch national testing inspectorate SKG-IKOB constantly adapts its test criteria to the methods used by burglars. The latest innovation should make the bearing pin of a hinge very difficult to saw through.


The new Hahn saw-resistant bearing pin precisely meets this requirement. It prevents with a variety of measures a hinge from being compromised with the aid of a hacksaw. The bearing pins have already been tested and approved by a test institute.


This is only a small detail, however, in range of Dr. Hahn's products. Anti-lift devices, snap-off screws, steel balls and more help to make the life of burglars difficult and prevent entry into a property. Dr. Hahn is providing interested visitors with extensive material to ensure that this current topic enjoys more attention.


Dr. Hahn's stand can be found in exhibition hall 1, number 327.