Return Query

Change in handling of return

The return of properly delivered, flawless hinges results in very high expenditures for us in terms of organisation. That is why we have re-organised the process in place before and the new process shall take effect now world-wide:

As a rule, we will no longer take back any hinges. In exceptional, clearly warranted cases, we will check as a gesture of good will whether an exception can be made to this policy. We kindly ask you to complete the return request form in advance and send it to the associate who is responsible for your region at Dr. Hahn. He or she will then consult Sales management to check whether a return is possible.

In the event of a favourable decision, you will receive a Returned Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) which we use to process your return. Only the products cited on the request form may be returned together with this RMA number. Please note that we will no longer accept a return without an RMA number. Such packages will be sent back to you unopened at your expense. 

We sincerely hope that you understand our position relating to this certainly unpopular measure, which is necessary from our point of view.